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Udder Health in Ewes: Mastitis, Udder Scores and Management

Ewes only have two teats and hopefully raise at least twin lambs, so maintaining healthy udders and culling ewes with udder problems is important to minimize lamb losses and bottle lambs while ensuring optimal growth of lambs on your farm.… Continue Reading…


Producer Profile: Vince Pope, Double Ewe Farm

As a dairy nutritionist by training, Vince Pope knows well the science of raising sheep. However, he feels there is a lot of art in raising sheep as well. This art is just as important as science in producing strong… Continue Reading…


Shepherd to Shepherd: Introducing our NEW Producer Forum

Sharing experiences is the hallmark of education. In this new producer forum, four experienced EAPK members enrolled in NSIP, from very diverse areas of the U.S., answer questions and share their knowledge and insights into shepherding. In a series of… Continue Reading…