Alex Caskey Caskey
Barred Owl Brook Farm
735 Lakeshore Rd
Essex NY 12936
Phone # 5745369365
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We started Barred Owl Brook Farm in 2019 and purchased our first Katahdins (8 ewes and a ram) the same year. While we have previous experience working with livestock on other operations, this is our first time managing a flock on our own. The farm is 60 acres, about half of which is forested and the other half abandoned pasture. We are in the process of renovating the pastures and creating a silvopasture-based system with tree fodders such as willow, mulberry, poplar, black locust, and more. Our current goal is to incrementally grow the flock to ~30 ewes as our available grazing resources allow. We feed some supplemental grain during lambing but we would like to work our way to 100% grass/tree fed. We enjoy keeping records and would like to learn more about NSIP and how we can both take advantage of and contribute to the genetic improvement of the Katahdin breed going forward.