Tom and Lindsay Hodgman
Waldoview Farm
235 Goshen Rd
Winterport ME 04496
Phone # 207-223-5542
Farm Membership
Our primary focus at Waldoview Farm is development and sale of high quality Katahdin seedstock for both commercial and pure-bred markets. With our location in New England, we have a strong focus on the traits and production systems that work well in our environment. However, we have worked hard to establish genetic connections across the U.S. and believe we have the genetics to succeed in most any conditions where our buyers operate. We run between 50 and 60 ewes annually in two distinct management groups. First, we manage a group of ewes according to conventional practices with winter lambing, supplementing ewes during lactation and providing creep to lambs. Our focus here is on maximizing pounds of lamb weaned per ewe and offering an environment where a ewe can reach her potential for productivity. In 2020, this group had a lambing percentage over 230%. Ewes and lambs spend the summer on pasture. Our second group is 100% forage fed. We offer no supplements to ewes or lambs in this second group. Ewes begin to lamb about Memorial Day, outside on pasture, no jugs or other intervention. Ewes and lambs quickly start into a summer-long rotational grazing program. Lambs are weaned about Labor Day. Our genetic selection for these low input ewes is easy keeping, easy lambing with strong maternal skills and superior milk production. Both groups of ewes benefit from nearly 15 years of selection for parasite resistance and a battery of parasite resistant sires. We have a long history of participation in NSIP and share our results with prospective buyers. Don't let our location fool you, we travel each summer to the midwest and southeast to meet with buyers, exchange genetics and attend sales that promote production-oriented Katahdins. Please let us know if we can help you accomplish your goals.