Leon Gehman
LC Ranch
32465 Mickle Hollow Rd
Union City PA 16438
Phone # 8145055143
Individual/Corporate Membership
We are a small farm nestled in the North Western corner of Pennsylvania. Our goal is to breed an easy care sheep that is structurally correct, has great mothering instincts, ewes that can keep condition well on pasture, weans twins consistently, doesn't need constant deworming, has good growth, good muscling and sheds clean. This kind of sheep doesn't just happen. Things like breed type, management and climate are part of it, but .......... there are things like genetic selection, heavy culling, keeping good records, and using tools like EBV'S to help select superior stock. NSIP is one of the tools we use to select sheep that meet our criteria. After using rams with very good EBVs for WWT, PWWT, NLB, NLW, & FEC we can see the difference it can make. Our goal is to breed sheep that improve our "Bottom Line" which in turn can help yours.