Lisa & Larry Weeks
Triple L Farms
430 Baynes Road
Waynesboro VA 22980
Phone # 540-480-8141
Individual/Corporate Membership
Located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, we established our farm circa 1990 and began raising Katahdins. We chose this breed because they don't need shearing plus the added benefit of not needing to dock tails. We have around 30 acres of primarily fescue pasture. We have been members of Virginia Sheep Producers Association since 1991 and members of the National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP) since 2001. We have participated every year in the SWAREC Ram Test at Glade Spring, Virginia. We currently breed around 50 ewes each fall to lamb mid-February using 2 to 3 NSIP flock sires. Ewes and lambs are fed a grain ration until the entire flock gets turned out on pasture which is usually early April time frame. Lambs are weaned from ewes between 90 and 110 days of age. NSIP weight data is taken on lambs at birth, 60 days, and 120-150 days of age. Additionally we have been submitting FEC data to NSIP for the last three years and selecting those animals with low counts to retain or sale as breeding stock. Our goal is to produce quality breeding stock that will work in a variety of management styles.