Eastern Alliance for Production Katahdins
Nathan Smelser
PA Lamb Farm
1227 Ashley Hill Rd.
Mansfield PA 16933
Phone # 724-584-8190
Associate Membership
Producing commercial meat lambs on forage & hay (no grain at any stage of production). Individual animal quality varies greatly at this point, but working in a direction. From 2016-2020 we built up numbers while bringing in good genetics from outside. From 2020 forward we aim to hold head count steady, sharpen the knife, and build consistency and performance. Flock is primarily Katahdin, using rams from Shelley Ley (DIF) and Etienne & Isabel Richards (GBR), over commercial Katahdins purchased in 2016 (and their offspring). Through DIF & GBR's good rams we have additionally benefitted from Roxanne Newton and Jeff & Kathy Bielek's work, and perhaps others of you. Also mixing in Dorper from Ulf Kintzel (White Clover Sheep Farm, Rushville, NY) for his short, stout, efficient genetics & for hybrid vigor, and retaining Dorper x ewes. Lambing on May grass. Targeting 80# live weights in the fall. Aiming to grow pounds per acre, not pounds per animal, and ethnic markets currently accommodate such an approach (smaller lambs).