John & Sandra Coward
Round House Farm
1871 Back Valley Road
Speedwell TN 37870
Phone # 606-269-6114
Individual/Corporate Membership
Round House Farm is located in the beautiful Powell Valley area of Speedwell, Tn. We started our Registered Katahdin flock in 2010 as a hobby and to help keep pastures cleaned off. We love the katahdin breed because of their hardy nature and docile demeanor. Our hobby has grown to be a flock of 160+ Registered breeding ewes and 4-6 herd sires. We are current members of NSIP, TSPA, and KHSI. We are TN Master Small Ruminant Producers and participate in TAEP. Our flock is BioSecurity tested for OPP, CL, and Johne's.Our goal is to raise healthy, functional breeding quality sheep that adhere to the katahdin breed standards. We strive for animals that are structurally sound, low maintenance, parasite resistant and able to thrive in a basic farm environment.? We utilize FarmWorks by Shearwell and RFID-EID technology to manage our flock and help pin-point those exceptional individuals that will be successful in the show-ring or as a seedstock production breeder. These are the potential replacement breeding stock that are chosen to be Registered with KHSI. Round House Farm joined NSIP in November 2018 and consider EBV's in addition to visual appearance when selecting breeding quality replacements. NSIP is just one of the many comparison tools that we use to evaluate our flock. We strive to produce functional sheep that perform well in a pasture based environment. We prefer an animal that will gain well with minimal grain intake. We only offer the top 12-15% of ram lambs from each group as breeding/herd sires. These young rams will be codon tested for scrapie and evaluated for breeding soundness by our Vet. The remainder of the ram lambs from each group will be offered as a "wonderful dining experience." Ewe lambs are also chosen based on performance by their sire & dam. They must have an acceptable rate of weight gain and be structurally correct. We prefer a medium-framed ewe that has a sturdy frame and feminine features. Steady growth and the ability to maintain a healthy body weight along with good udder structure and heavy milking ability will ensure replacement ewe lambs a place in our flock.