Choose one of the options to the right and add to the cart for checkout.  Once in Paypal, you will have the option to add more people to the option.  For example, if you have 3 adults attending, you add the adult option to the cart.  It will send you to Paypal where you can add the other 2 adults before paying.  

If you need to add a kid after adding the adult, once in PayPal, in upper right corner there is a continue shopping option, that will take you back to our website where you can come back to here and click on the kid option and add to cart.  Kids 5 & Under were free, but I had to give a price to show up on PayPal button so we could track attendance, so we had to charge a $ .01!

Also, you DO NOT have to have or sign up for a PayPal account to use credit card.  It is just the platform we use to receive payments.  You can use regular credit card during checkout.  Just click on the option to Pay without a PayPal Account and follow the directions.  You will have to enter a valid email address for the receipt to come to you.