Eastern Alliance for Production Katahdins

Producer Profile

Producer Profile: Vince Pope, Double Ewe Farm

As a dairy nutritionist by training, Vince Pope knows well the science of raising sheep. However, he feels there is a lot of art in raising sheep as well. This art is just as important as science in producing strong… Continue Reading…

Producer Profile

EAPK Producer Profile: Richard Manning, Sweet Seasons Farm

“The Man Born to Farming” is more than a poem by Wendall Berry of quaint sentiments. It speaks of a producer such as Richard Manning who has lived his life as: “The grower of trees, the gardener, the man born… Continue Reading…

Producer Profile

EAPK Producer Profile – Beckie Hotz, Mariposa Farm

My introduction to agriculture was through plants. I studied biology in college with a broad view of both animals and plants. Toward the end of college, I focused on the plant side of agriculture, specifically at the soil level. All these… Continue Reading…