2023 Eastern Alliance Online Auction

Animal Check-in after 3:00pm Friday July 7th, 2023.

The EAPK Online Auction will begin at 10:00am July 8th and end at 6:00pm EST. All animals are encouraged to be on-site for bidder inspection and promotion of the sale, but it is not required. All ads must state the location of the animals (either at the sale location or at the seller’s farm w/ location).  The auction will be racehorse style and may extend the end time if new bids are placed within the last five minutes.

Accepted forms of payment are credit card or electronic check. Please contact Becky Drlik, becky@wlivestock.com, with any questions on payments for higher educational institutions unable to utilize these payment types. Payments must occur immediately following the sale prior to releasing purchased livestock.  Willoughby Livestock will be available via telephone following the sale to process all electronic checks or will charge your credit card on file.

Animals must be removed from the grounds by 10:00am EST Sunday July 9th.

Sale consignments must be nominated by June 23rd. Lot substitutions are available until June 30th.  All consignments must of data submitted into NSIP by June 14th data run. The sale will consist of online consignments and online bidding through Willoughby Livestock Sales.

Transportation arrangements are between buyer and seller. EAPK will not be responsible for arranging animal transport. Consignors will be charged a $25/lot entry fee at the time of consignment and a 10% commission based on the final sale price, or reserve price in the event the animal is not sold. Willoughby will handle all financial transactions related to the sale from both buyers and sellers. The sale floor will be $500/head on mature rams and $300/head on all other lots. Consignors can set a higher individual lot reserve price if desired.  However, if an animal does not reach the floor price or does not reach the consigner’s reserve price, the consignor will be responsible for all commission costs based on either the floor price or the seller’s reserve price, whichever is higher. All consigners and bidders will register for the sale and work directly with Willoughby via their website. Please contact Becky Drlik, becky@wlivestock.com and/or Sadie McClung, sadie@wlivestock.com
with any questions.

Sale classes (All sheep must be enrolled in NSIP and listed with current EBV’s. All sheep excluding proven rams must be born on consignor’s farm.)

  • Proven rams (Maximum 1 per consigner)
    • Must have at least 50 progeny enrolled in NSIP.
  •  Yearling rams
  • Yearling ewes
  • Ram lambs
  • Ewe lambs
  • Pen of 3 yearling ewes/ewe lambs
    • These can be a mix of yearling or ewe lambs if desired.

All full voting members that are currently enrolled in NSIP, and submitted data for 2022 and 2023, are eligible to consign. All full and associate members as well as the general public are eligible to bid. Please contact Brad Carothers, oldslatefarm@gmail.com, if you have consignment/eligibility questions.


  • All sheep must arrive with an official interstate certificate of veterinary inspection (ICVI) in the state of origin of the animal issued within 30 days of the sale.
  • Any sheep with signs of infectious disease will not be allowed in the barn. All sheep must arrive with a USDA issued scrapie tag and farm ID tag that match the ID on the veterinarian health paperwork. 
  • All rams that are older than 6 months by the day of the sale must provide evidence of a negative B. Ovis test performed no more than 60 days prior to the sale. 
  • All buyers need to be aware of any additional requirements for animals entering their home states. No testing will be conducted by the onsite veterinarian at the event. It will be the buyer’s responsibility to ensure the animal purchased meets their state’s requirement for entry, including additional testing at buyer’s expense. Information on interstate transfer requirements can be found at https://www.interstatelivestock.com/. The on-site veterinarian will only provide interstate transfer papers for animals sold. 
  • All lambs must be weaned two weeks prior to the sale.

Transfer sheep previously sold and being delivered for pick up at the symposium may be housed on the grounds for $10/head to cover barn rental fee. All sheep being transferred must have interstate health papers to their final destination even if those sheep are from the same state in which the symposium is held. Selling of sheep out of the transfer pens is not allowed. No advertising is allowed. This space is only offered as a convenience for our membership for sheep already sold or leased prior to coming to this event. Individuals selling sheep out of the transfer pens will have membership revoked for one year. Contact Sale Committee Chair Lee Wright lrite@vt.com, or Brad Carothers oldslatefarm@gmail.com prior to the symposium to ensure barn space.