2024 Eastern Alliance Online Auction

Animal Check-in after 3:00pm Friday July 12th, 2024.

The EAPK Annual Sale will take place on Saturday, July 13th 2024 at the Hyder-Burks Agricultural Pavilion in Cookeville, TN. The sale will consist of online consignments and online bidding through Willoughby Livestock Sales. Bidding will open at 12:00pm and end at 6:00pm local time. All consignors are encouraged to have their sheep on site for bidder inspection and promotion of the sale, but it is not required.

Consignment Info –
All full voting members of the EAPK that are currently enrolled in NSIP, and have submitted data for 2023 and 2024, are eligible to consign. All full and associate members as well as the general public are eligible to bid. Please contact Brad Carothers, brad@newslateland.com, if you have consignment/eligibility questions.

Sale lots must be reserved by June 26th through Willoughby. By July 1st, all lot titles must include tag numbers of the consigned animal with no substitutions after that date. Consignors are encouraged to update listings with the latest breeding values up until sale time. No lot substitutions will be allowed after July 1st.

Animal check-in will be on Friday, July 12th 12:00pm-7:00pm and on Saturday, July 13th 7:00am-10:00am. If arriving after 7:00pm Friday, sheep must remain on trailer until Saturday morning as paperwork must be verified prior to unloading. All sheep must have paperwork verified by 10:00am Saturday morning or will be scratched. Following the sale, all animals must be removed from the grounds by 10:00am local time on Sunday, July 14th.

The EAPK strives to offer only high-quality animals in its annual sale, and therefore, reserves the right to scratch from the sale any animal deemed defective. A decision of the board of directors is final. Educational materials will be available at time of consignment describing to consignors, defects such as improper bite, scrotal and abdominal hernias. Additional outreach materials will be available to assist both consignors and buyers in. Consignors of sheep not present at the sale are encouraged to upload video documentation of each lot to ensure no animals with defects are sold; please see Requirements of Consignors below.

Consignors will be charged a $25/lot entry fee at the time of consignment plus a 10% commission based on the final sale price, or reserve price in the event the animal is not sold. Willoughby will handle all financial transactions between buyers and sellers related to the sale. The sale floor will be $500/head on mature rams and $300/head on all other sale classes. Consignors may set a higher reserve price on individual lots if desired. However, if an animal does not reach the floor price or does not reach the consignor’s reserve price, the consignor will be responsible for all commissions based on either the floor price or the seller’s reserve price, whichever is higher. All consignors will work directly with Willoughby to post detailed descriptions of their lots via their website. Please contact Becky Drlik, becky@wlivestock.com to reserve lots and with any questions.

Sale Classes –

  • Proven rams (maximum of 1 per consignor and must have at least 50 progeny with data in NSIP)
  • Yearling rams
  • Yearling ewes
  • Fall Ram Lambs (born Aug-Dec)
  • Ram lambs (born Jan-Apr)
  • Ewe lambs
  • Pen of 3 yearling ewes/ewe lambs (can be a mix of yearling ewes and ewe lambs)

Requirements of Consignors –

  • All consigned sheep must be enrolled in NSIP and listed on sale website with current EBV’s.
  • All consigned sheep excluding proven rams must be born on consignor’s farm.
  • Any sheep with signs of infectious disease will not be allowed in the barn.
  • All lambs must be weaned at least two weeks prior to the sale.
  • All online lot descriptions must state the location of the animals on sale day (i.e., either at the sale location or at the seller’s farm w/ location indicated).
  • All sheep must arrive with an official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) issued within 30 days of the sale to permit interstate travel. Sale address is: 2390 Gainesboro Grade, Cookeville, TN 38501.
  • All sheep must arrive with a USDA-issued scrapie tag and farm ID tag that match the ID on the CVI.
  • All rams older than 6 months by the day of the sale must provide evidence, prior to 10:00am July 13th 2024, of a negative B. ovis test performed no more than 60 days prior to the sale.
  • Consignors must ensure no sheep remain after the event. Any lots not claimed by buyers as of 10:00am Sunday shall remain in the possession of consignor until such arrangements can be made for transfer between buyer and seller.

Consignors of animals not present at sale location must agree to the following additional requirements:

  • A video of each consigned animal should be uploaded to its lot description at the sale website. The video must run continuously and include: ear tag(s) w/ scrapie number, poll status, scrotal circumference with measuring tape, side view of mouth with jaw closed and both lips pulled back, and a 360-degree walk around from 6-10 feet away on concrete or hard ground.
  • Consignors attest that consigned animals are healthy, and therefore, eligible for interstate shipment as approved by a licensed veterinarian (this may include diagnostic testing before issuance of interstate health papers to certain states).
  • If any sale requires interstate transport, payment for animals will be withheld by Willoughby until a certificate of veterinary inspection compliant with the rules of the destination state (including importation permit if needed) have been issued.

Notice to Buyers –

  • The online auction format will be racehorse style which may extend the sale’s end time if new bids are placed within the last five minutes. After one hour of extended bidding, reset time will be 2 minutes.
  • It will be the buyer’s responsibility to ensure the animal purchased meets their state’s requirements for entry. Information on interstate transfer requirements can be found at https://www.interstatelivestock.com/.
  • No samples will be taken and no testing will be conducted by the on-site veterinarian at the event.
  • The on-site veterinarian will only provide a CVI for animals sold at the event location.
  • Buyers are responsible for arranging transportation for purchased lots following the sale and must work with consignors to ensure timely pick up prior to event closure at 10:00am Sunday. All bidders must register with Willoughby prior to the sale through their website.